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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet Ronny Howard and Billy Webster
Posté le vendredi 20/02/2015 à 00h47 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Ronny Howard, in yellow, is more than just in lust with Billy Webster, the cutie with the red tank top.
Both are tall, slender, and nicely toned, their bodies revealed to perfection as they strip. While making out, the caress one another. All of a sudden...WHAM! Turns out Billy has one big fat dick. Wonder if that's why Ronny likes the twink so much? Although, Billy's a pretty good cocksucker so, maybe that's yet one more reason why Ronny likes the almost innocent bareback twink so much. Then again, after watching Billy work his probing tongue all over Ronny's sweet, raw hole, then stretching it with his incredibly fat cock, we get the feeling the biggest reason Ronny likes Billy so much is because he gives one delicious bareback fuck! ... [+] Sweet and Raw
Titre du billet DVD: Baise Appart' - (Mecs de France)
Posté le lundi 16/02/2015 à 22h39 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Anthony Cruz enchaîne les plans avec de beaux mecs de la région parisienne. Le gars étant monté XXL, les petits passifs, vont en avoir plein les fesses.
Les scènes se passent toutes dans un appartement où les mecs se suivent, se croisent et s'ébattent ensemble.
Baise Appart' - DVD France (Mecs de France) (Disponible chez AGayN)
Label : Mecs de France
Date de sortie : Décembre 2014
Durée : 1h50
Format : DVD
Titre du billet Ruined Orgy - Brunal Bernal
Posté le vendredi 13/02/2015 à 23h23 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Who doesn’t love an orgy on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Bruno Bernal and new face Craig Daniel certainly know how to party, and inviting over 3 other horny young fuckers brings the total to five fuckers all out to fuck and get fucked! First through the door is Drew Kingston, and hot young black kid with a deliciously thick dick Bruno just can’t keep off of! With Mickey Taylor next in the door, this tattooed rude boy brings the attitude of a real sexual demon, wanting a piece of everybody, and everyone obliges for this gorgeous jock-type ... [+] BullDogPit
Titre du billet Yeux bandés pour plan cul
Posté le jeudi 12/02/2015 à 02h46 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Booster votre désir ! Faire du sexe les yeux bandés apporte de nouvelles sensations.
Il bande les yeux de son copain les jambes grandes ouvertes sur le lit pour utiliser son cul sa bouche avec un pote.

Titre du billet Craig Daniel et Scott Hunter
Posté le vendredi 06/02/2015 à 18h45 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Hot and hairy muscle studs Craig Daniel and Scott Hunter work up a sweat in this great new video. Getting a good feel of each others bodies, they kiss and grope each other, then get down to some horny nipple-play whilst rubbing the bulges in each others shorts.
They pull each others cocks out, and Scott gets down on his knees to give Craig some awesome deepthroat sucking.
On the sofa now, Scott sucks Craig some more, and gets a good facefucking from the hot rugby player.
Scott lays on his back now, legs apart, and Craig works on his hole, gets it wet, then fingers him deep, giving Scott's dick a suck as he slides his fingers in and out. Eager to fuck now, Scott leans against the sofa and Craig slides in his big meat, fucking long and slow, before building up and giving him a hot pounding. On his back, Scott gets fucked again, with Craig thrusting deep, making Scott's cock throb and twitch ... [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet WebCams - Tips No Limit tous les jours en février
Posté le jeudi 05/02/2015 à 00h44 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Webcams, Live show : En février Tips No Limit + Concours modèles tous les jours 24h/24 !
Envie de shows hot gratuits en public ?
En février, les Tips No Limit débarquent tous les jours 24h/24 !
Donnez des jetons aux modèles pour les encourager à aller de plus en plus loin, et profitez de shows hard en public !!!
Et pour ceux qui préfèrent plus d’intimité, les shows privés en tête à tête restent toujours disponibles ;)

+ les 3 modèles ayant reçu le plus de jetons tippés en février toucheront 500€, 200€ ou 100€ de bonus !
A vous de faire gagner vos modèles favoris ! , cliquez ici
Titre du billet Un pasteur ancien acteur porno gay
Posté le mardi 03/02/2015 à 17h31 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Les voies du bad buzz sont impénétrables. Alors qu’il vit heureux avec sa femme comme pasteur de la maison de prière de Monte Santo, à San Juan,
la capitale de Puerto Rico, Jose Santiago, 33 ans, est rattrapé par son passé ... [+] 20minutes
Titre du billet Danny Chase and Timmy Treasure
Posté le vendredi 30/01/2015 à 22h03 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Here's one for lovers of Monstercock! Cute fitties Danny and Timmy start off on the sofa, kissing, then stripping to their white undies.
They take turns licking each others nipples and rubbing each others big hard bulges. Danny's is so big his shorts barely contain it! They take their cocks out, and jerk each other off, then Timmy lays on his side, opening his mouth wide to take Danny's huge, thick nine inch dick. Timmy is a good sucker, managing to get pretty deep, and Danny gets him take as much as he can. Danny sucks Timmy for a bit, sucking deep and wet, then he stands, his big meat throbbing, with Timmy on his knees to give him another hot oral servicing, with more facefucking. Timmy lays on his back on the sofa as Danny licks his smooth hole, then pushes his finger in and sucks his dick as he fingers him, opening up his tight hole to get fucked. Laying on the sofa, Danny holds his cock at the base and Timmy eases himself down onto it, taking it to the base, making his own dick twitch ... [+] Hardbritlads
Titre du billet Movie Hard Gear - Team DP
Posté le jeudi 29/01/2015 à 17h20 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Bottom boy Sam is perched, waiting, expecting and horny in tight Lycra jock shorts. In walks Angel in a jock, socks and trainers looking fit!
He bends down and kisses Sam, hands wandering over is tanned muscular bod down to his crotch with his hard dick protruding out the top of his shorts.
Angel can't wait so gets stuck in and puts his mouth around Sam’s throbbing cock. From the other side Kayden walks in to join the fun, also in a hot jock. Sam wants what's inside so pulls off the front section of his gear, showing Kayden's long cock in the jock armour and stuffing the whole lot in his gob. Loads of sucking, kissing, threesome train combinations, each more complicated and hot than the last. Time to fuck, Kayden gets Sam on his back and feeds all 9.5" of cock into his hole, Angel deep dicks his throat in an upside down spit roast but this is only the start of Sam’s stuffing! They plough away at the boy before flipping him over into doggy and Angel takes up the hungry rear, Kayden the front, pushing him down so they can kiss over the top of him as they both hammer at him ... [+] Ukhotjocks

Starring: Kayden Gray, Angel Cruz and Sam Barclay
Titre du billet David Russo and Victor Klicko
Posté le mercredi 28/01/2015 à 23h06 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Eastern European blond twink, David Russo, has a new roommate.
Little time is wasted once Victor Klicko moves in and they quickly discover they’ve a fetish for fun underwear, lingerie and jockstraps.
But that’s not all they have in common. Each enjoys sucking cock and raw sex. And t make things more interesting, Victor’s got the one thing cock hungry David enjoys: a big dick! The toned, horny young men make out and David is soon on his knees, servicing Victor.
After a mouth watering 69, David is on all fours with Victor sliding that thick, fat, uncut piece of meat home, down to the balls, pounding away for all he’s worth. David is soon riding Victor, impaling himself on the horse cock before bending over and getting slammed. Victor fucks the cum out of David,
who shoots a big load, before reward him with a tasty cum facial ... [+] SweetandRaw
Titre du billet Tattooed Twink Fucks Hung Marco
Posté le mardi 27/01/2015 à 17h19 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Arriving at his mates, Mickey is met with by his friend’s flat mate. Soggy from the rain he takes off his wet top sparking conversation about his tattoos! Marco is in awe of mickeys sexy body and sexy tattoos so when Mickey reaches across to get his top he cannot help but kiss him!
This leads to a hot and horny pair with their dicks out, they can't get enough of each other’s throbbing cocks! Mickey takes get Luke onto the kitchen table and slam teases his new playmates hole, working it with his tongue before sliding his solid thick meat in! Mickey is anything than gentle with Luke,
pounding his hole like it’s the last time he is ever going to get the chance! The pair both clearly enjoys the chance meeting as there is an explosive cum shot at the end! ... [+] Eurocreme
Titre du billet Sweet and Raw: Carl Baxter et Thor
Posté le mercredi 21/01/2015 à 22h16 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

In what is probably one of the most idyllic and pastoral settings, Carl Baxter awaits his buddy Thor while feeling himself up and getting hard.
The smooth, handsome, muscled jock sits as soon as he arrives and they immediately start making out.
Thor wastes little time in getting his lips and teeth on Carl’s nipples. He then unzips Carl and reveals the young man's cock. And it's not just big. It's fat. Very fat. And uncut. After servicing the fresh-faced, almost innocent-looking Carl, Thor reveals a big, uncut beauty of his own. Carl quickly gets to work, returning the oral favor and, after more passionate kissing that's as romantic as it is hot, Thor goes back to sucking Carl's monster cock while jerking himself off. After a while Carl presents his ass for Thor to rim. And who can say no to that luscious ass? Thor preps the smooth pink hole, lubing it with spit for what you think will be a good fuck. Except that the one who gets fucked Thor himself; first bent over the bench, then straddling Carl and riding the huge slab of beef ... [+] Sweetandraw
Titre du billet James Dixon et Marco DuVaul
Posté le mardi 20/01/2015 à 19h52 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

A perfectly timed phone-call takes big dicked James out of the gym and straight over to horny young twink Marco’s place.
Never one to pass up this sure fire booty call, Marco is already near nakedness when James walks in and they both get straight down to business!
Marco devours James’ hot cock and who can blame him! Sinking to the floor for a great 69 where we see both hungry youngsters getting throat fucked at the same time, these horny fuckers want as much cock as possible, and its lucky Marco who’s ass gets stretched wide and pushed deep!
James slowly guides his thick monster into the peach that is Marco’s bubble butt ... [+] Bulldog Pit
Titre du billet Jason O Connor and Luke Vogel
Posté le vendredi 16/01/2015 à 18h33 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Horny chav lads Jason O'Connor and newbie Luke Vogel have a seriously hot session here.
Both have big stiffies under their trackie bottoms as they kiss and grope, taking off their tops they suck each others nipples and rub their throbbing bulges, before taking out their dicks. Both are pretty huge, and young Luke has a super thick one too.
He gives Jason's cock a deep sucking, managing to get the full eight inches down his throat. When Jason sucks Luke, his mouth is stretched wide
by the impressive girth. Jason stands and gives Luke a real good facefucking, pushing his dick as deep as he can, making Lukes eyes water a bit.
gets pretty intense and super horny [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Un sacré bouffeur de bite
Posté le vendredi 16/01/2015 à 18h29 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Un mec excité barbu, poilu et bouffeur de gros dards se régale avec la bite d'un pote, jusqu'à faire sortir le sperme.
Titre du billet Enforcement: Behind the Scenes
Posté le mardi 13/01/2015 à 18h58 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

You’re name's down, you’re coming in!
Granted privileged access behind the scenes with the hunks of Alphamales as they perform for your viewing pleasure in the latest feature
from this muscle bound studio! The lines are hard hitting, and the tongues are in cheek as you see what goes on when they forget their lines,
fall over boxes or get carried away with their ass fucking behaviour, even when the director calls cut!
Get up close and personal with these men as they let you in on their darkest fantasies and trade secrets, all the while showing off their ripped
bodies and hairy chests, what could be better? [+] Alphamales
Titre du billet Nu, à quatre pattes dans la cour
Posté le dimanche 11/01/2015 à 15h55 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Brun poilu, très chaud nu en levrette et les fesses en l'air dans la cour de l'immeuble.
Titre du billet Jake Dylan et Ross Drake
Posté le vendredi 09/01/2015 à 17h50 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Young hotties Jake Dylan and Ross Drake work up a sweat in this awesome video.
Wearing shiny sports shorts, the lads start off on the sofa getting a feel of each others bodies, Ross has the tightest six pack you ever saw.
They take turns licking each others nipples and rubbing their throbbing bulges, take their cocks out, Jake's is big and thick, and suck each other deep and wet, with some horny facefucking. Ross stands, and Jake gets onto his knees and deepthroats right to the base, and ripped fittie Ross fucks his willing mouth and throat. Jake lays on his back on the sofa, legs apart, and Ross gives his hairless twink hole a good sloppy rimming, slips a finger in and sucks him as he massages his g-spot. Jake leans against the sofa, arse pushed out, and Ross fucks him deep and strong, building up to give him a major pounding.
Then they flip, with both lads on their sides on the floor, Jake eases his fat dick in making Ross moan, his cock rock solid, as Jake pushes his big meat in and out. The action here is incredible. For a final fuck, Ross is on his back with Jake kneeling, fucking him deep and steady, till Ross cant hold back and he shoots a thick hot load over his bulging sweaty six pack. Jake follows this moments later, squirting powerful jets of spunk clear over Ross's chest.

Fantastic! [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Regard vers l'horizon
Posté le lundi 05/01/2015 à 17h59 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

L'effet de la brise soufflant de la mer qui caressait son corps nu.
Titre du billet Jack Green un beau brun au piercing
Posté le vendredi 02/01/2015 à 21h11 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Super cute 19 year old Jack chats first, he is confident, with a great smile and a deep sexy voice. He talks about sex, what he likes, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Jack stripping from his sports kit down to his white briefs. He has a very hot, fit body, and an impressive hard bulge in his undies, which are moist with precum. Taking out his cock, Jack gently slides his foreskin back and forth over the head, rubbing the precum in,
takes off his undies, and gets down to some very hot solo action, as he plays with his big dick ... [+]

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